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Theory: ‘Love Actually’ Predicted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Love?

An interesting and fascinating theory may be the one thing that everyone loves more than a real celebrity love story. Not long ago, a new intriguing theory sparked. It is a celebrity love story and a loved holiday movie.

Many users of Twitter have been freaking out that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are so similar to Sam and Joanna from Love Actually. So people made a theory that the classic actually predicted Harry and Meghan’s love almost 15 years ago.

And we can’t deny the similarities between them. It is obvious that Prince Harry is also a redhead and British as Sam. And, both Meghan and Joana are biracial and American.

Another evidence is like Prince Harry lost his mother when he was a child, so did Sam. And just Like Meghan Markle, Joanna is a talented performer too.

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