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These Are The Nicknames Duchess Meghan Had Throughout Her Life

From popular candies to tough metals, it seems that Meghan has quite a few nicknames.

For example, Prince Charles calls his daughter-in-law Tungsten. This peculiar nickname is inspired by a tough metal, known for its strength and robustness. We get it she is a hard lady, but WT* Prince Charles?

Luckily, the Duchess of Sussex has other more logical and flattering nicknames.

We found out about these nicknames through her now shut down blog The Tig, in which she talked about the nicknames she had throughout her life and who used them.

Responding to a fan Q&A, Meghan revealed: “My nickname is Meg, M&M, and Flower (which my mom has called me since I was little.”

Meghan’s beloved mother Doria Ragland, 61, was the only one from her side of the family that actually attended at the wedding in Windsor.

Her nickname for Meghan does fit, as Meghan has a thing for flowers, as she would often post pictures of fresh flowers on her now-deleted Instagram page.

While the whole thing with M&Ms-is most likely inspired by her initials. Original.

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