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Top 10 Reasons We Love Outlander

What’s not to love? History, romance, adventure, action- it had something for everyone. There are tons of reasons to love Diana Gabaldon’s epic Outlander series, which have been masterfully adapted on the small screens on Starz and it has been an undeniable success. Almost everyone has been jumping on the expansive Outlander bandwagon recently, even though the first book was published from 1991(it was gathering die-hard fans since then non-stop). But if we ever had to make a list of reasons why we love the show, it would probably look something like this:

 Because Time Travel

Claire Fraser - outlander


Time travel. The concept by itself is interesting. There is not a person that hasn’t ever dreamed of traveling at any point in through time. It also helps that the story is gripping as well. That moment when Claire lays her hands on the stones for the first time… I just get those chills.

Scotland Is Awesome

Scotland is plain awesome. From its incomprehensible but charming folks to its breathtaking sights. And all of that is masterfully presented to us by Gabaldon. She not only manages to make it seem breathtaking, but she makes it realistic. We see all the violence and flaws that are present in the land. It just makes the experience deeper.

Because Gingers Are Sexy

Jamie Fraser - Outlander

Let’s be honest. Redheads are f*king hot. And our male lead is no exception. He might not be able to blink without closing both eyes like a solemn owl, and his back might be a tapestry of scars, but he is undeniably a good piece of redhead sexiness. So what if he has a knack for getting in trouble,  but the man is good, kind, and funny, a hero we would gladly fall through time with.

Because Of The Clothes

Can we just get a round of applause for the costume department of the show? They deserve all the credit they can get. Not only do they have to find age appropriate clothes for the 18th century, but also the 1940s. And they manage to do it with flying colors. Bring on the corsets, bring on the plaid, bring on the wool cloaks! Were any of these clothes Downy fresh? Not in the least, but that doesn’t rid them of any of their historic allure.

Because We All Secretly Wish That Loch Ness Is Real

Wait…it isn’t? The world would be way better if, in a Scottish loch, there dwelled a serpentine sea-beast of ancient lore. I’ll take my magic where I can get it. Even if that magic is essentially a very shy water snake.

Because Claire

Claire - Outlander

It hard to find a smart, funny, curly-haired heroine who totally owns her sexuality and her sense of self. But then Claire comes in. She is all those things and more. She is one of the best lead female characters I have encountered. She is constantly mistreated and underestimated and never once did she let the obstacles share her sense of self.

Because Of Powdered Spiders

There is just something deeply appealing about reading about all the borderline insane and almost always disgusting tinctures and tonics used back in the day to treat illnesses. We love reading about sheep dung remedies because it brings back a time that seems out of reach, and to see all the progress that we have made from then to now and bask in our current greatness   (just as future generations will feel smugly superior when they read about our toxic nail polish).

Because Of Olden Times

It’s always fun to read a book that isn’t set in the time period we are now. And with Outlander its a two for one deal, we get to see two different time periods from the past. We get to revel in and explore them in our imaginations—an ideal way to poke around, considering the lack of the internet and penicillin back in the 18th century.

Because Sword Fights

It takes talent to write dynamic and engaging sword fights. A talent that Gabaldon has in spades. Every fight, be it with fists, knives, or anything else is gripping and dangerous, she turns into edge-of-your-seat worthy reading. These scenes are so good, they’ll have you Googling “cheap fencing lessons.”

Love Love Love

Outlandre Quote

At its core, this is a series about a love story and a damn good one.  It elevates the spirit, feeds the mind, and inspires the heart. A love story can be an escape or can incite hope in the belly of the reader. The story of Jamie and Claire does that, and so much more.

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