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Westworld Reveal: There Are Actually Six Parks

In the season 1 finale of Westworld, we learned that there is definitely at least one other park in addition to the Wild West original: A feudal Japan-themed Samurai World.

Now a new “secret” site launched as part of the HBO drama’s Super Bowl marketing campaign reveals that there are at least six parks in total but it doesn’t reveal what are the themes of these other 5 parks.

The site was decoded by fans who unscrambled a binary code in the Super Bowl trailer leading to a code which, in turn, leads to the “Delos Destinations” website. The site invites readers to “visit the parks”, which leads them to a page with six different park ad screens.    (with labels like “Park 3,” “Park 4,” etc). The first park, naturally, is the familiar Westworld. The second is a blurred image of a green and perhaps mountainous land (Samurai World?). The other four screens are entirely offline (“Reservations closed to the public”).

We asked series co-creator Jonathan Nolan about whether we’d see Samurai World this season (which seems very likely) and this is what he said: “I would say the conception of the show from the beginning is we would slowly but surely learn more about the world and worlds our hosts inhabit. There’s a lot more story to tell in Westworld but that doesn’t mean we will only be in Westworld.”

In the original Westworld feature film on which the show is based on, there is also a Medieval World and Roman World in addition to Westworld.

In other news concerning Outlander: The production has quietly revealed the actor that has been cast to play the founder of the Delos corporation that runs-or more accurately, ran the theme park.

Scottish actor Peter Mullan (who was a regular in Netflix’s Ozark, and was nominated for an Emmy for his role in Sundance’s Top of the Lake) has taken on the role of James Delos.

The casting was revealed in a new version because why not have another version of the Super Bowl Westworld spot that was posted on HBO’s site. This version added a shot of bloodied Maeve (Thandie Newton) and a quick glimpse of James Delos.

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