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Why Do Kate And The Queen Wear Multiple Poppies On Remembrance Day?

Today marks 100 years since the Armistice was signed, marking the end of the First World War, where 20 million lost their lives. Every year, the Royal Family pays respect to the fallen and wear poppies pinned to their chests, just like the rest of the nations. However, when other people only wear one poppy, the Queen and Kate Middleton have been spotted wearing clusters of five and three poppies during last night’s Remembrance Day eve services at the Royal Albert Hall. This has, of course, sparked lots of speculation from the fans on what might be the reason.

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There is a continued debate about the politics of wearing poppies pinned to our coats-as some people shun wearing them for a variety of reasons. But the message behind the Queen and Kates gesture is pretty clear. Their tribute to the fallen speaks loud and clear: they will not forget the fallen.

One theory on why the Queen wore five poppies is that they each signify each branch of the services. Those being the Army, Navy, RAF, Civil Defense and women.

It has also been speculated that the Queen actually wears a bespoke corsage, a single piece made up of five poppies, rather than five individual flowers.


Either way, the cluster of blazing red poppies against Royal’s somber black attire was hard to miss. The Queen has never openly talked about why she wears so many, but the message behind them is clear.  The Royal British Legion shop doesn’t sell a set of poppies like the ones worn by the Queen or Kate, but you can create it yourself using a bunch of individual ones.

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