Why Outlander Made Changes To How Claire Journeyed Back To The Past

In Outlander Season 3, we got a slight adaptation of the moment when Claire decides to go back to the past from the book “Voyager”. Now we dive deeper into why that was the case.

During the events depicted in the “Voyager” book, Claire went to the past straight from Scotland. But this was not the case for Outlander Season 3. Instead, the series decided to take Claire and Brianna back to the States, where Roger could fly with new information. This wasn’t made just to give Claire more screen time in the past. It was made to focus on an element from Outlander that has been widely discussed among fans over and over.

Sophie Skelton as Brianna Randall Fraser and Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall Fraser

Why would Claire leave her only daughter behind? Most of us would agree that its something that we wouldn’t be comfortable doing. While others have admitted that it would be like moving country in the 1960s (when social media wasn’t around and phones weren’t as good), there are many who still can’t get their head around the idea of Claire leaving Brianna on her own. Sure, Brianna is a grown adult, but for a parent, she will always be her child.

Toni Graphia explained that that was the main reason they made the change. They were in need of a standalone conflict for each episode- and sometimes there is no such conflict in the books.  For Claire and Brianna, that meant creating the emotional goodbye and Brianna’s speech about giving Claire back to Jamie.

There were also other scenes that helped bring the elements of closure and foreshadowing. Sandy shared her anger and hatred towards Claire for the treatment of Frank, while Roger got the chance to learn about Brianna’s Christmas tradition. These scenes made some fans feel a bit disappointed because they wanted the show to follow the book to the note, while most were thrilled at the prospect of seeing multiple changes that lead to new ways of telling the story.

It wasn’t a major change but was an important one. Now you know why that Outlander Season 3 change happened.

Did you like the change to Claire and Brianna’s story in Outlander Season 3? Would you like to see more? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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