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William And Kate Met Dog That Resembled Their Late Lupo

Six months ago Prince William and Kate Middleton lost their loyal family dog Lupo, but his memory lives on in the hearts of those he loved, and perhaps a certain pup in the country of Fife.

During their mini-tour of Scotland, Prince William and Kate Middleton had the chance to return to the University of St. Andrews on Wednesday, the place where the two first met when they were students. And during their visit, the couple saw a black cocker spaniel named Lily, who had an uncanny resemblance to their late pet.

Kate even complimented the pup’s raincoat as she and William, with an umbrella of their own, made their way through the town. “We noticed the cafe or bar called Lupo’s, and we had a dog, who’s no longer with us, called Lupo,” Kate told the crowd of onlookers.

The dog was a wedding gift to Kate from her younger brother, James Middleton, given to her after her marriage to Prince William in 2011. The beloved bet was with them for nine years before passing away in November 2020.

“[Lupo] has been at the heart of our family for the past nine years and we will miss him so much,” the royal couple wrote following his passing.

We are sure that the three Cambridge children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, were affected the hardest after the loss, but luckily their newest pup is directly connected to Lupo. Their uncle James’ dog Luna is Lupo’s sister and she is also the mother of the Cambridges’ new puppy. This family connection was revealed by James in a statement of his own mourning the loss of Lupo.

“It is with great sadness that Lupo, the beloved dog of my sister Catherine and her family has passed away. Lupo was the son of Ella, brother to Zulu, Inka & Luna,” wrote James. “Nothing can ever prepare you for the loss of a dog. For those who have never had a dog, it might be hard to understand the loss. However for those who have loved a dog know the truth: a dog is not just a pet; it is a member of the family, a best friend, a loyal companion, a teacher and a therapist.”

This mini-tour turned out to be not so mini after all, with both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attending tons of engagements during these days. William kicked things off last Friday when he undertook the role of Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, while Kate joined him on Monday for the official start of their tour. The two then went on to visit North Lanarkshire to support Turning Point, a leading social care charity, and the Sikh community in Edinburgh. They also trekked on the British Isles to oversee a hospital opening on the island of Orkney on Tuesday.

On Wednesday the two got the chance to land yacht race, with Prince William only narrowly beating out Kate, who is quite the experienced sailor herself. The two also attended a drive-in cinema to see a preview of Disney’s newest feature-Cruella.

The Scottish mini-tour finished on Thursday after a number of outdoor activities during the day in Edinburgh.

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