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Body Language Experts Examine Prince William and Kate’s Relationship With Their Kids

When it’s about their family, Prince William and Kate Middleton keep things private. Their royal engagements are the only way to catch sight of their private life. And it is then when you realize that they are just a normal family.

There is no doubt that the adoring couple is a backbone for the family. And according to body language experts, their body language is proof. talked with Blanca Cobb, body language expert and author of Methods of the Masters. “Overall, their attentive body language indicates that they’re in tune to their children’s emotional needs.”

Both William and Kate try to stay at the same level with George and Charlotte. You must have noticed that when they talk to their kids both of them lean down to be on eye level with them.

Patty Wood, body language expert and author of How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft: The Field Guide said:  “This behavior shows that their children are their primary focus, regardless of how many cameras are in their face.”

When William leans to George he shows that he protects his son in uncertain moments. “William is also letting his son determine how much he needs him,” says Wood.

“Here, Prince George is only holding on to his father with a few fingers, proving that he feels comfortable in the situation.”

Every mom and dad have a different way to comfort their children. “Rubbing Prince George’s hair is not only a means of care-taking but also a way for Kate to protect him from the cameras,” said Wood. Holding a pointed elbow and straight fingers, like a karate move, Kate is subconsciously telling everyone to back off her little boy.

Wood talked about that time when the family arrived at the airport. Both William and Kate reassured Charlotte that everything was okay.



“A double touch is a truly standout moment. They are both are completely in the moment, ensuring that Charlotte is comfortable,” says Wood. To reassure her even more Prince William tries to lean forward more in order to be on eye level with Charlotte. And as a result she will feel calm they can proceed.

And what is the best way to show your child that you are there for him/her. You just have to physically be there for them. See the photo of Prince William holding Prince George. “The lower arm acts as a seat for his son and is an anchor that makes him feel supported,” says Wood. Look just how cute they look. George looks so secure in his father’s arms.

prince william and george

Cobb is sure that Prince William and Kate love their roles as parents. “Both Prince William and Kate are all smiles while interacting with their children letting us know how much they enjoy being parents,” explains Cobb.

William and Kate, we admire you!

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