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William And Kate’s Cheeky Reaction To Camila Cabello Stealing A Palace Pen

Camila Cabelo, known for her hit songs such as Señorita and Havana, visited William and Kate’s home at Kensington Palace as part of BBC Radio 1’s Teen Heroes of 2019.

And besides having a lovely time with the couple and the teen heroes finalists, Camila also got up to something else.

William And Kate Host Event At Kensington Palace For A Special Reason

On Monday, the singer issued an apology to Prince William and Kate on Twitter, after she confessed that she stole a pencil from Kensington Palace. 

Camilla made her confession during an interview with Radio One DJ Greg James this morning. She revealed that that Greg James had ‘triple dared’ her to steal something from the palace, when they both attended the Teen Hero Awards last month.

James said: “We were at Kensington Palace… we were about to meet [Prince] William and Kate [Middleton] and I said, ‘[You] gotta steal something. Steal something… steal that pencil.'”

“And I was like, ‘You triple doggy dare me?'” Cabello said.

“I did,” James confirmed. “I triple doggy dared you.”

“And you can’t not do a triple doggy dare. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my life, it’s that,” Cabello responded, before confessing, “I did it.”

Camilla said: “You were like, ‘She stole a pencil!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, my God,'” Cabello said. 

“My mum was like ‘no, we have to give it back, we have to give back the pencil’ and I was like ‘no, he tripled-doggy-dared me, I have to take the pencil,’ so I still have it,” she recalled, before adding, “I’m sorry William and I’m sorry Kate.”

And it appears that William and Kate heard the show or were told about it, as they replied to the Twitter video with a very cheeky message. The couple the ‘eyes’ emoji, suggesting that Greg and Camila had been busted!

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