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How William And Kate Broke The News OF Prince Philip Death To The Kids

As Prince William mourned Prince Philip’s death, he and Kate have also had to explain the situation to their children: George, Charlotte and Louis. But, they did it in a gentle way.

Their grand-grandfather passed away peacefully at Windsor Castle aged 99.

“William told George, Charlotte and Louis that Prince Philip has ‘gone to heaven’ and ‘is an angel now,’” a royal insider told Us Weekly on Tuesday.

“They’re still so young so he and Kate wanted to let them down gently,” added the palace source.


The source also shared that the Cambridge trio has not been unaffected by Prince Philip’s death. “Naturally, the children are very upset, particularly George and Charlotte. Louis is still very young and had only met Prince Philip a couple of times.”

To honour Prince Philip and help all three children to remember him the family hand up a photograph of him to make sure he always has a place in their home. 

 “George, Charlotte and Louis helped William choose a photograph of Prince Philip to hang in their home in memory of him,” the source shared.

Prince William has earlier revealed that he and Kate wanted their children, George and Charlotte, to grow up “feeling able to talk about their emotions and feelings”.

“For too long there has been a taboo about talking about some important issues. If you were anxious, it’s because you were weak. If you couldn’t cope with whatever life threw at you, it’s because you were failing. Successful, strong people don’t suffer like that, do they? But of course — we all do.”

Prince William 38th birthday photo on a swing with George, Charlotte and Louis

Prince William and Kate paid tribute to Prince Philip by sharing an emotional post -a photograph of him with his great-grandson Prince George.

The photograph was taken back in 2015 in Norfolk, by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge herself. In it, we can see two-year-old Prince George happily smiling and holding a book, as he enjoys a carriage ride with his great-grandfather.

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