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New Adorable Video Of Prince William And Kate Goes Viral

The Cambridges have become one of the most well-known couples and families from any royal. Anytime you look at the news, you can be sure that they are featured in some way, ranging their next big project announcement and what they did on their last engagement, or maybe what sweet thing Princess Charlotte did or Prince George’s goofs. The family has created a certain image of themselves that is very appealing to the public.

But its not all only show, as they have really stepped up their game in their royal duties department, especially during the global crisis.

The Hidden Meaning Behind Kate’s Yellow Dress From Latest Australia Video Message

Despite the rank they have in society in general, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have never been the stuck up formal kind. Quite the opposite, they are always charming and relatable, living life as normally as they can and trying to do the same for their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

One thing that they have an edge over their royal peers is how they use social media. They post all the time, from hosting virtual Bingo games and sharing videos of their children to even getting into the Instagram Reels feature, accompanying a recent video with a Harry Styles song.

This week, the royal couple posted an important video talking to local business owners and first responders from Kangaroo island, discussing the devastating bush fires that happened earlier this year.

And during their video call, a rescue Koala made an unexpected appearance, with the Duke and Duchess being noticeably enamored with.

‘The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge heard from local business owners and first responders from Kangaroo Island a small community off the south of Australia, who were impacted by devastating bushfires earlier this year,’ read the caption on the Kensington Royal account. ‘Not only have they had to rebuild their lives from the wildfires, but they also had to manage to the spread of COVID-19, which has hugely impacted their desire get back to a normal life.’

The post continued: ‘The bushfires caused significant damage to residents’ homes, livelihoods, along with thousands of animals and their habitats. Its residents, joined by our friend Grace 🐨, have shown an incredible community spirit and continue to provide support to those in need.’

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