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The Trick Kate Uses To Stay Comfortable In Her Heels

Sandals would be the go-to during the heatwave – what you certainly wouldn’t want to be wearing are stilettos, or any sort of heels. However, as a senior royal Kate Middleton doesn’t have much of a choice.

Having worn high-heeled shoes during the many long and draining events she has attended, the Duchess of Cambridge has mastered staying comfortable by using a few “stylist tricks” to avoid the pains that come along with the fashion.

Royal etiquette expert Myka Meier thinks that they’ve found the Duchess’ secret weapon, namely the Barely There Ladder Resist Non-Slip Tights, a £6 pair of tights that feature gel strips attached to the bottom of the feet that offer extra stability when wearing heels.

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Of course, we don’t know whether these are the exact pair – others of a similar design should do just as well – however, Footwear News noted that the non-slip grips were visible in a photo of Kate wearing a pair of Tabitha Simmons heels during the 2011 Royal Canadian tour.

Meier also suspects that the Duchess pairs the tights along with a leather insole for extra protection, perhaps those sold by luxury insole brand Alice Bow, retailing at nearly £19 – which are padded for extra comfort and designed to avoid “bulkiness” in heels.

Again, Kate herself hasn’t confirmed it’s this exact pair, however, according to an unnamed source speaking to Vanity Fair the Duchess “thinks they’re great.”

Kate Middleton wears heels for most events she attends, but Myka Meier notes: “We have seen the Duchess of Cambridge in sneakers and flats at more casual or athletic-themed events, she has also worn open-toe, strappy heels to evening events.”

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