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8 Facts About Princess Charlotte You Didn’t Know

Being a royal isn’t as easy as it seems, and neither is being a three-year-old. But Prince William and Kate Middleton’s second child, Princess Charlotte, is doing a great job at both. The middle child of three, young Charlotte has become a fan favourite, oftentimes stealing the show when she attends royal engagements with her family. Her natural charisma and cheekiness simple melt anyone who sees her, not to mention when she gets up to some antics alongside her two brothers, her big brother Prince George, and her little brother Prince Louis.

In many ways, Princess Charlotte is special, a pioneer of sorts, and a bright look into the future of the royal family. So here are a few facts you might not have known about the sweetest junior royal.

Bilingual Baby

Princess Charlotte's first day at nursery school

Almost every member of the royal family has to speak at least one-second language. And Princess Charlotte already has one in the bag, as since the age of 2 she has been able to speak Spanish. This is all thanks to her nanny Maria Turrion Borrello, who is from Spain. She might have to step up her game in the future if she wants to match her father, who according to reports, can speak in five languages fluently.

Forever At The Kids Table

Happy Birthday Princess Charlotte! Three New Photos Released To Mark Charlotteā€™s Special Day!

Despite showing prowess with languages, Princess Charlotte is yet to master the “art of polite conversation”, a report reveals. Due to this she is still not allowed to sit at the dinner table with her parents, instead of being relegated to the kid’s table for the time being.

Pizza Fan

Princess Charlotte

When asked about her favourite food, you might think that a royal child will have some exceptional taste, maybe venison or perhaps caviar, but the simple answer is pizza. Not only does Princess Charlotte love pizza, but she and her older brother Prince George also love making it as well.

Rules The Castle

In Buckingham Palace, in a place filled with senior royals, the Queen included, Princess Charlotte, reigns supreme. Multiple royals have admitted this, even the Queen herself said that Princess Charlotte is the boss around there. While talking to a fan at a charity event, the monarch asked the woman whether her son was looking out for his sister. When the mother replied it was the “other way around,” the queen said, according to Vanity Fair, “It’s the same with George and Charlotte.”

No Tiara For Charlotte…

…for now. Despite being a royal, Princess Charlotte is not yet allowed to wear a tiara. The rule is that only married members of the royal family get to wear tiaras, a rule that applies for the entire royal family.

She Has Never Played Monopoly?!

Princess Charlotte Reveals Secret Talent At The Polo Match

According to Princess Charlotte’s great uncle Prince Andrew, she has never played the classic board game. This is due to a weird rule that prohibits members of the royal family to play Monopoly. “We’re not allowed to play that game,” he said during an interview with The Telegraph. What might the origin of this rule be? Maybe in the past, they had a bad falling out over it. Imagine the royal family all nervous as Prince Charles is adamant about reading the rules every five minutes.

She Makes Homemade Gifts For The Queen

Kate Revealed Daughter Charlotteā€™s Favorite Hairstyle

In 2017, during an interview with BBC One, Prince William revealed that the Queen is a tough person to buy presents for, I mean what do you give someone that can have anything. Luckily, he explained that Princess Charlotte has got them covered. He said: “It’s quite hard to know what to get the Queen to be honest. Now we have grandchildren around they can make things!”

Tiny Dancer

Princess Charlotte Reveals Secret Talent At The Polo Match

Prince William, who simply lights up anytime he is asked about his daughter, told the Prime Minister of Malta during an official visit in March that Princess Charlotte “loves dancing.” Earlier in August, the Duchess of Cambridge said that her daughter had started taking dance lessons and “absolutely loves it,” according to Town & Country.

Peppa Pig Fan

Like many children, Princess Charlotte has a favourite cartoon show and it is Peppa Pig. When her mother Kate was on a visit to Gloucester when Charlotte was only 2, she was given a gift and card for her daughter. The Duchess said she would especially love it because the card had Peppa Pig on

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